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s  h  e  l  t  e  r  s     a  r  t     i  n     a  l  l     h  e  r     s  e  n  s  e  s

R O O F ART gallery,

founded by Nicolette Benard, Suus Kooijman, and Carry Doorn, is a visionary platform that promotes collaboration among artists with a bold vision for the future. With a wealth of experience, both locally and internationally, these three artists not only showcase their own work in solo or trio exhibitions but also collaborate with other artists in group presentations at art fairs and shows.


The primary objective of these collaborations is to strengthen each other and present a diverse yet harmonious range of captivating artworks by different artists. ROOF ART gallery aims to establish connections between artists, art enthusiasts, and art collectors. They believe in the power of collective efforts and are convinced that collaboration leads to increased success and new possibilities.


With a forward-thinking vision, ROOF ART strives to create a dynamic environment where artists are encouraged to push boundaries, explore new ideas, and engage in profound dialogues with the audience. By bringing together artists, art lovers, and collectors, the gallery seeks to foster a vibrant and inclusive art network where the strength of collaboration and joint endeavors is showcased, leading to greater success.

“Anything you can imagine, you can create”

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