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Soft Pink

Sculptured Object

Unique icon

Plexiglass box
34 x 14 x 10 cm

Golden Crocsy

Sculptured Object

Unique Icon

Plexiglass Box
50 x 27 x 15 cm

Sporty long Legs

Sculpured Object

Unique Icon

Plexiglass Box
34 x 14 x 10 cm

Signed for Life

Sculpured Object

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Plexiglass Box
34 x 18 x 10 cm


Visual Artist | Nicolette Bénard
Nicolette Bénard, a Dutch designer, initially pursued her studies at Vakschool Schoonhoven. She then spent several years as a gold and silversmith before transitioning into the realm of visual art. With a playful touch and a generous dose of humor, Nicolette transforms her iconic creations into handmade sculptures that are both intriguing and humorous.

Her art serves as a tribute to the allure of imperfection, inviting interpretation and kindling the imagination. Through her unique humor-infused approach, she skillfully reimagines childhood artifacts as distinctive plexiglass sculptures, prompting contemplation about the concept of perfection and its elusive nature.
Nicolette’s art has received multiple awards, and she showcases her work at art exhibitions, galleries, and events around the world.

Nicolette Bénard’s art revolves around the fine line between perfection and imperfection. In her project ‘B,’ vintage and modern converge as she delves into the concept of dolls as beauty icons.

Introducing “Signed for Life,” Nicolette’s newest artistic series born from her collaboration with Tattoo Artist Aida Saz. This unique fusion of elegance and rebellion serves as a powerful statement on life itself.
Nicolette Bénard adds, “Tattoos serve as a means to connect not only with those around you but also with your own values and identity. Each artwork in this captivating collection bears the unique imprint of two worlds colliding. They embody elegance in their determination and rebellion in their individuality.

Vakschool Schoonhoven | Gold and silver smith

Fairs and exhibitions
2024 Affordable Art Fair Brussels(BE)
2023 Affordable Art fair Singapore(SG)
2023 Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam(NL)
2023 Curated by Make Room Singapore(S)
2023 NOCKNOCK Art Fair Amsterdam(NL)
2023 Galerie RED Palma de Mallorca(ES)
2023 KunstRai Amsterdam(NL)
2023 Whatz Art Fair Taipei(TW)
2023 Affordable Art fair New York(USA)
2023 Galerie Caractere Neuchâtel(CH)
2023 Art Palm Beach Florida(USA)
2023 Galerie Bettina Paris(FR)
2022 Kunst & Co(NL)
2022 Context Art Miami(USA)
2022 Affordable Art fair Hamburg(DE)
2022 Gender Project Berlin(DE)
2022 Affordable Art fair Amsterdam(NL)
2022 Art The Hague(NL)
2022 NOCKNOCK Art Fair(NL)
2022 North Sea Jazz Festival Rotterdam(NL) 2022 KunstRai Amsterdam(NL)
2022 Affordable Art Fair New York(USA) 2022 Affordable Art Fair, Brussel(BE)

2021 CONTEXT Art Miami(USA)
2021 Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam(NL)
2021 Affordable Art Fair New York(USA)
2021 Affordable Art Fair, Brussel(BE)
2021 Gallery 94/97 Chiefs & Spirits, The Hague(NL)
2021 Soho Gallery, RED Gallery, Palma de Mallorca (ES)
2020 Art Gallery Emigre Collection, Japan(JP)
2020 The Tiny Art Fair Madrid(ES)
2020 Affordable Art Fair Milan(IT)
2020 Art Future Taipei, Taiwan(TW)
2019 Art Kaohsiung Taiwan(TW)
2019 Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam(NL)
2019 The Other Art Fair represented by Saatchi Art, Londen(UK)

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